much like all of our menus our beer list may change from time to time

we never list anything we haven't tried first, so we think they're all great in their own way 


craft beer and cider


kernel table beer 330ml 3.2%               4.5

brewdog lost lager 330ml 4.7%              4.5

curious session ipa 330ml 4.4%             4.5

tiny rebel club tropicana ipa 330ml 5.5%   4.5

northern star mocha porter 330ml 4.5%      4.5

vagabond gluten free ipa 330ml 4.5%        4.5

venture suffolk amber ale 500ml 3.7%       4.5

nethergate old growler porter 500ml 5.5%   4.5

curious apple cider 330ml 5.2%             4.5


fitbeer alcohol free 330ml 0.3%            4